Monday, October 18, 2004


Oh boy! Chris said that since I was so sad and mad about not getting to be in the debate, he would take me to Boston so I could see John Kerry and tell him how I felt! I was pretty excited when we got on the plane for a night flight, and after most of the people went to sleep he let me out of his bag to make Notes about the things I wanted to say.

The first day we mostly did fun stuff that Chris wanted to do, like eat lobster rolls and visit an old sailing ship. Then the next day he said we could go and talk to John Kerry. Actually, he said that I could go talk to John Kerry, because he and Liz had to go to a wedding somewhere. They put on their fancy clothes and shoes and got into a taxi, but real quick as they were leaving Chris gave me a little home-made map with John Kerry's house on it, and it was only a couple streets away from where we were staying!

I looked over my Notes again and once it got dark I decided to get going. I know adults aren't supposed to see us, but it is different when it is like this. I knew that I had important stuff to say, like about smoking and people who make fun of kids who cut the cheese. I put on a tie, my nice one with stripes, and jumped out a window.

Our guest house was on Charles Street, and so I followed the map a couple streets up "Beacon Hill" until I saw John Kerry's house. The lights were on, but there were lots of black trucks and vans parked all around, and lots of guys dressed like Men In Black. They were not looking at the ground, though, so I could sneak up pretty close to the door and hide in the bushes by the little front stairs.

I guessed that my best plan was to keep hiding there until John Kerry came out to get into one of the black cars, and when he was alone in the back of the car I would jump in just before the door closed. The plan was kind of brave, but I think that if you want to be President then you have to be kind of brave sometimes.

It got kind of boring so I made up a game of using a stick to dig up dirt around the plants that were getting watered by the sprinkler system, so it would make a little river. I would put little nut shell boats into the river, from the nut shells the security guards were always spitting into the bushes (so rude!).

I guess I kind of started to take a nap because the next thing I knew a different sprinkler set was going and I was getting soaked! The problem was, I couldn't jump out of the bushes because it was morning and lots of people were on the sidewalk! Oh, and can you believe this, John Kerry was leaving the house and getting into his black car! I had to wait in the bushes with the sprinklers spraying on me, and it was very cold. I was just starting to get the shudders when one of the guards poured his hot coffee down into the bushes and all over my head, which made me pretty nice and warm. Right about then the sprinklers went off for good and I was able to fall asleep for a while until everybody left. Can you believe that I tripped over a loose brick on my way home! The sidewalks are pretty bad there.

I may not have gotten to talk to John Kerry about my problems this time, but you can bet I will be back. There are only a few days left before election and I need to make sure the little guy gets heard. OK, I need to go eat a hot dinner, Chris says. He is making broccoli soup and hot cheesy toast. Hooray!