Thursday, September 02, 2004

More frogs!

Oh, I almost forgot to say this to you yesterday! Ray came over to do more frog jumps, and he brought his own frog this time. It was a special Japanese frog, he said, that he had sent from Japan overnight. I didn't have any more frogs since the lawn had dried out, so we went down to the creek. I caught a little frog and we went back to the yard and did some frog jumping contests.

I have a hundred more dollars now! I have a hundred and fifty dollars.

Ray's special Japanese frog died after the third jump. It was a very sad moment. I said a little prayer and we buried it under the lemon tree. Ray dug the hole using his credit card as a shovel. When we put the little frog in the hole I crossed his arms across his chest like you are supposed to do. I also tried to pull his legs straight down so they would be together but I heard two snaps and I knew I had broken them! I started to cry and pushed all the dirt real fast back down over the frog. Ray was smoking and he didn't notice what I did. It took me a few minutes to get OK again.

After that we went to Ray's house and Ray said I could have anything I wanted to eat. I was still sad about the frog so I just had some peanut butter Ritz.