Monday, September 27, 2004

Vacation week!

I got to have a week off from doing stuff for Chris! He and Liz took a vacation to Hawaii and he said I could just hang out and I didn't have to make my bed or anything (I still made it immediately as soon as I got up in the morning, though). When they left I saw that they did not make their bed and so I went in to get it all neat for when they returned. When I was tucking in their sheets I found some pretty weird stuff! Inside the bed frame there was this big tube of clear toothpaste, like Captain Kirk would use, and also little packages like square ketchups, called "Kimono Sensation 11"! On Wednesday Téodor made me a baloney sandwich and I tried to squirt some Kimono Sensation 11 sauce on it, but he grabbed it from me and said it was not for kids. Maybe it is really spicy. I am not too good with spicy foods. I usually need Privacy after I eat too spicy of stuff.