Monday, November 08, 2004

I am not president.

Téodor told me the truth about what happened when everybody voted. I am not sad, because he explained about how presidents have to be at least thirty-five and they have to be married. No wonder everybody didn't vote for me! They would have gotten arrested! Thank you to Téodor for explaining that. I'm glad *I* didn't get arrested! Phew.

I went to Ray's house to apologize for not winning and he said that it was not a big deal, and then something about "tax write offs"? He was kind of busy watching his TV shows so I didn't ask him what that meant.

Anyhow, I guess it is pretty good to be off the campaign trail. I don't have to wear uncomfortable shirts any more and think about different country relationships and all that hard stuff. Téodor said he would make me coconut-chocolate chip pancakes tomorrow with caramel bananas and maple syrup! I bet the president doesn't even get a breakfast that good!!

I love you.