Sunday, August 22, 2004

Good morning!

It's Sunday! On Sunday I like to wake up a little bit early and pray and do some good deeds. After I prayed today (I prayed that my dad could still be alive, and also that there would be no more poor people) I dusted all the book shelves and Chris's stereo stuff, which always gets so dusty. I accidentally pressed down on the "play" button on the CD player though, and the little screen said JUDAS PRIEST in calculator letters. Then a few seconds later heavy rock music started to play real loud and Chris came out and yelled at me! He said he was glad that I wanted to hear Judas Priest but could I please do it in about ten more hours. Maybe we are going to listen to it together, since it is Sunday? I guess it is like Priests on Tape like my mom sends me once in a while. Cool! I am excited!