Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Piano Lesson!

I do not remember if I told you this but yesterday Chris got me a JAYMAR piano! Today I called Ray to ask him if he would give me a piano lesson, and he said he would be happy to. A little while later he came over and he had a lot of really nice after-shave on, and he showed me how to play a "C" scale. I learned it pretty fast, so he said that the boring part of the lesson was over and that it was time to learn a little "showmanship!"

Real fast he stood up and the piano bench fell down behind him, but I could tell that's what he wanted to happen because the whole time he was looking right at me and smiling! He said that Jerry Lee Lewis did that trick and that it was very popular. Then he had me try it.

I sat down and played the "C" scale, and then I stood up real fast while smiling at Ray. I had to practice a few times before I could get the bench to fall over. Ray said to keep practicing, and that he had to go home to watch some TV. I practiced for a long time, and in a little while I got to where I could make the bench fall over almost every other time! I guess the noise bugged Chris because he came in and told me to stop it...but while he was yelling at me my pants fell down! He started laughing and had to walk away, so I guess I'm not in trouble. Why did my pants fall down?