Friday, July 16, 2004

Free Shrimp!

Hello! A couple of days ago Lyle was telling everyone how much food his new restaurant job let him take home, so I asked him if he could bring home some leftover shrimp. (Shrimp are my favorite food, maybe.) Tonight when he got home he pulled a bag full of leftover shrimp and shrimp pieces out of his pocket, and even a little tub of fun red sauce for me to dip them in! I ate them up and was soooo happy.

The bad news is, pretty quick after I ate them I got a really bad pain in my stomach and I knew that there was going to be a problem, so I ran to the bathroom to make sure I didn't make any messes. I don't want to say what I did for the next couple of hours but Mr. Bear was really nice and brought me 7-Up and told me everything would be okay. He had this very nice new hat on, and before he came over to help me each time he would hang it on the doorknob.