Wednesday, July 19, 2006

What did I eat?

Boy, that was weird! Did you ever have an experience where you ate something, but you didn't know how to spell the word for it, so you couldn't look up pictures of it on Google after the meal? That happened to me only once before that I remember, when Mr. Bear made me an omelette. I had no idea how to spell that! I thought it would be "omlit," like it sounds. Well, today it happened again! Téodor microwaved me some Trader Joe's takito's? Takeetos? Tockito's? They are like a small taco, but "tacito" doesn't look right. I did a Google Images search for "tacito" and, just like you would expect, all I saw were pictures of lady butts. What is it with the butts, people! I bet I could do a Google Images search for "The Bible" and the first result would be a picture of a lady's butt next to a bible! It's silly how crazy this world is for lady butts.

Anyhow, I don't know what I ate.