Monday, July 03, 2006

FUN PARTY a total success!!

Boy, I guess people were ready for some summer fun! There were so many guests at my FUN PARTY that there was almost not enough room for everyone! Fortunately, there was barely enough room.

People kept coming and coming! My FUN PARTY started at 2pm, right after lunchtime nap, and pretty soon Téodor and Mr. Bear were snacking and having fun. Before too long the robots came and they even brought some robots I did not know! They used their robot cell phones to put out a General Message (?) and pretty soon lots more people came over! I guess some of them read the situation, so they started bringing more chips and hot dogs and cups and stuff! It was great!

My idea of sprinkler dancing was real fun, and a lot of people played in there for a long time before cooling off on towels on the back lawn. It was like a beach resort from Sunset Magazine! I went inside and put on my captain hat. People said it was just the right thing!

The party went really super-late, so I didn't get to see most of it, but Téodor and Mr. Bear say that it was a great time, and that lots of the local expert partyers decided to stay! Téodor said that even hippies and rappers were having a good time, and that a guy named Tree was talking to a guy named "Spook Wigga" for almost an hour!

The next day I helped clean up big mountains of cans and cups and party stuff before anyone got up. I am so happy that people liked my party! I cleaned up everything and now there is no mess.