Wednesday, June 28, 2006

FUN PARTY! Everyone's invited!

Who wants to come to my FUN PARTY!

Who wants to be at my FUN PARTY?

My idea was that it is summertime now, but no one has even played in the sprinklers once! So we are going to have a sprinkler area on the lawn, and I will clean up the poo nuggets from Olive the dog, and after that I will set out all the snacks! For snacks we will have Fake Salad (a head of iceberg lettuce in a big bowl of ranch dressing! You peel off a leaf and dip it into the dressing! It is a casual salad! I invented it!), "Spider Tempters" (gummy flies :( ), and Captain Philippe's sliced hot dogs on toothpicks. For drinks there will be big bowls of water, and you have to drink from them like a dog! For dessert I will see if I can get someone to bring dessert.

I'm not sure if I'll have music. I want people to be able to hear each other.

Later, I will tell you how much fun we had at my FUN PARTY!