Monday, August 08, 2005

There was an old lady who lived in a shoe!

My mom sent me new shoes last week! They are so nice! They are pure white with a little green line around the top of the rubber bottom part, and they look like what a rich person wears to play in a tennis game! I practiced doing some foot-work like a tennis player would need to practice, and they (the shoes) made these great little squeaks like you hear when basketball players jump around on TV! I felt like I was getting a pretty good workout so I took five with a water bottle on the couch!

Then the coolest thing happened. Chris came home and he had this great big plaster model of a shoe, which he said his mom had given him. He wasn't very happy about it so he set it down right in the entry to the house and went off to the kitchen to drink some water. I fit perfectly into the shoe, and it was like one of those fancy bobsleds they use at the winter Olympics! Since I had my new shoes on I felt SUPER sporty and I used my imagination for a really long time, pretending I was winning all kinds of races and Italian people and German people all took me into their hearts as a true champion. In my imagination, everybody respected me, and treated me as a friend. It was the best afternoon since I can remember!