Wednesday, July 27, 2005

No More Haikus!

It is so weird! A couple of days ago Chris said that he could not pay me to write poems anymore, because of a problem, and just like that I stopped writing down everything as 5-7-5! Ever since I wrote to you last time, a couple weeks ago, I had been having real bad problems with everything I wrote being a haiku. I was hiding my haikus under lots of nasty stuff in the garbage, and in the rafters in the garage, and also burying them in the yard during Prime Time TV. During a bad moment I also put a haiku on some mud and hit it with a baseball bat until you couldn't read it anymore. It was getting really scary.

Now though I can write whatever I want! Watch:

Boneless skinless chicken breast

Sitting in the fridge

Piece of parsley is his friend!

There, see! Hooray! Problem solved!