Saturday, April 02, 2005

Hosey the Flow Cow!

Mr. Bear made a home-made version of Hosey the Flow Cow! It doesn't look nice like the one on TV, but it still does a good job of watering his garden. And plus he hooked up a little shredding machine to it, and it rocks back and forth and shreds stuff as long as the hose is running!

He told me to be real careful around the shredding part, since it has a lot of sharp blades. I am definitely glad he gave me that advice. Still though I wanted to see if I could shred something, and I found a piece of paper on the picnic table that is on the deck that had lots of scribbles on it. I put it in the shredder and it got shredded up real good! Then all the little shreds fell into the little fire that Todd made beneath it so he could light his cigarettes.

Téodor got pretty mad because I guess that paper was some special guitar music that he wrote. It sure didn't look like music. He said he worked on it for a long time and wasn't sure if he would remember all the notes to write down again. I feel really bad about this and want to make it up to him. I think maybe the perfect thing to do is to make his bed, since he never makes his bed and it is so nice to go to sleep in a nice, made bed. I will make Téodor's bed tomorrow! Maybe I should even make him a gift certificate for a month of free made beds!