Wednesday, January 19, 2005

I need advice.

Chris was putting all the stuff from the dishwasher away, so I went in to help him. He always lets me sort all the silverware from the washer-basket into the drawer, so it's kind of my job, and I do it pretty good. Instead of an allowance he says that this summer he will make me some popsicles using Grape Juice! He knows that that is my favorite juice, after apple and cranberry.

Then a weird thing happened! I was putting away the spoons (there are two kinds of spoons: larger ones, which go on the left side, and regular ones, which go next to that) when I saw my Number 8 Dale Jr. Chevy Matchbox in the washer-basket! Most of the paint had come off! I was so mad I almost cried, and Chris asked me how come I was almost crying. I showed him the car and he said that Lyle ate it and then threw it up, so he decided to wash it off for me.

I am very upset with Lyle. I think I might see if I can ask him for a new one. I will ask Téodor if this is what to do, because he is honest and he will always tell you the right thing to do.