Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Captain Kirk Toothpaste

Don't tell! I snuck into the bathroom to brush my teeth with the neat clear Captain Kirk toothpaste that I found hidden in Chris and Liz's bed frame. It is super-slippery and your toothbrush just goes all over the place! I guess it helps you to use less muscles when you brush your teeth. I better ask Téodor to get a new tube, because I used most of it trying to get my teeth clean tonight.

Monday, September 27, 2004

Vacation week!

I got to have a week off from doing stuff for Chris! He and Liz took a vacation to Hawaii and he said I could just hang out and I didn't have to make my bed or anything (I still made it immediately as soon as I got up in the morning, though). When they left I saw that they did not make their bed and so I went in to get it all neat for when they returned. When I was tucking in their sheets I found some pretty weird stuff! Inside the bed frame there was this big tube of clear toothpaste, like Captain Kirk would use, and also little packages like square ketchups, called "Kimono Sensation 11"! On Wednesday Téodor made me a baloney sandwich and I tried to squirt some Kimono Sensation 11 sauce on it, but he grabbed it from me and said it was not for kids. Maybe it is really spicy. I am not too good with spicy foods. I usually need Privacy after I eat too spicy of stuff.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

No Smoking!

Chris's Italian friend Tony came over to help him do some stuff, and they Smoked! I am not sure I like Tony. He gave Chris a cigarette and Chris gave in to peer pressure and he smoked the cigarette. When he was done he spit on it to put the flames out. It seemed like he had experience with smoking. This is not very good. I watched from the laundry room window.

I might have to erase Tony's phone number from the dry erase board. I want Chris to have a good life!

Monday, September 06, 2004

Mr. Beer!

Téodor got a beer making set from his dad! It was so fun. The first couple days were just mainly cooking and temperatures and stuff, but today was the day when he let everybody taste the new beer! He baked big soft pretzels, sausages, sour crout, and all kinds of other German food. He even wore a hat! It was a lot of fun when he let Ray judge the first glass of his beer and Ray said that it tasted good. I clapped and other people did too. It was like when someone cuts the ribbon in front of a new building. I was glad to be a part of history today.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

More frogs!

Oh, I almost forgot to say this to you yesterday! Ray came over to do more frog jumps, and he brought his own frog this time. It was a special Japanese frog, he said, that he had sent from Japan overnight. I didn't have any more frogs since the lawn had dried out, so we went down to the creek. I caught a little frog and we went back to the yard and did some frog jumping contests.

I have a hundred more dollars now! I have a hundred and fifty dollars.

Ray's special Japanese frog died after the third jump. It was a very sad moment. I said a little prayer and we buried it under the lemon tree. Ray dug the hole using his credit card as a shovel. When we put the little frog in the hole I crossed his arms across his chest like you are supposed to do. I also tried to pull his legs straight down so they would be together but I heard two snaps and I knew I had broken them! I started to cry and pushed all the dirt real fast back down over the frog. Ray was smoking and he didn't notice what I did. It took me a few minutes to get OK again.

After that we went to Ray's house and Ray said I could have anything I wanted to eat. I was still sad about the frog so I just had some peanut butter Ritz.