Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Téodor's back!

Hello, Téodor! Welcome back! I know I just saw you in the hallway but I want to give you Blog Hello's too! I am so happy you are back from your vacation!
When Téodor went to his aunt's house on Monday he left me a little note that said, "Try to make sure that Chris gets risotto as often as possible." He also left me a little bag of rice. Since I don't know how to cook risotto what I did was just use the rice to write "RISOTTO" on Chris's bathroom counter once in a while! It was all I could figure out to do. At least that way Chris would still get to *think* about risotto, even if he could not eat any. 
Oh well, when he finishes unpacking maybe he will play frisbee with me in the yard!