Monday, January 30, 2006

Good communism today!

I did pretty good with communism today! I cleaned the kitchen again, and I even had some time to dust-bust the cracks in the living room couch. That was definitely a different change of pace, since usually the couch is real scratchy to sit on because of everyone always eating meals on there. Then I did my special communism sit-ups and push-ups (Lyle taught me to say "hammer!" when I go up, and "sickle!" when I go down!), and I checked to see if I had arm-pit hair yet! (I don't know why! Sorry if you are reading this!)

I thought it would be fun if I could get the baby do do communism stuff with me, but when I tried to get her attention she crawled over to the VCR and put a breadstick into it. That's not communism! That's anarchy!