Sunday, May 01, 2005

Bath Day!

Chris said it was Bath Day today! First they put the baby into the sink in her little softy-seat and they rinsed her real nice with warm water and real gentle shampoo. After that Chris got her dry-off towel out of the dryer so it was nice and toasty hot and they wrapped her up and went to put her jammies on! I got undressed next and sat in the nice warm softy-seat and waited my turn. They took a long time getting the baby ready and the water started to cool off so I turned the hot water faucet on just a little bit to keep me warm. I sang some songs and I was in a good mood.

After another long time they still did not come in and pretty soon I heard some snoring from the other room, plus the squeaks the baby makes when she sleeps. They had all gone to bed!

I have never felt so dumb. I was super ashamed that I thought I was going to get a bath too. I crawled quietly out of the sink so that no one would realize what I did, only I fell really hard onto the floor (because of soap slipperiness) and my shoulder is sore now. Fortunately nobody heard me and I went and dried off with the only thing I could find, which was a kitchen towel that smelled like onions and peanut butter (in different places).

Today was not a good day for me. I should act my age. I am extremely ashamed of what I thought.