Saturday, December 04, 2004

More Christmas List Ideas!

1. A parachute man! One of those little men who has a cello fane parachute and you throw him up in the air and he glides down. That would be so fun.

2. A model boat. I think I am finally old enough to try to build one. I would like an army ship, with turrets and decals and the whole works! I promise to be careful with the x-acto knife, Jesus.

3. The Lil' Oinker Pork Products set of gift food! This is a food basket that has all kinds of cheeses and pork! There is a pork summer sausage, two kinds of bacon, two small hams packed in metal, spiced sausages, smoked "luau" pork, and a little plastic snout with an elastic string so you can wear it!

Okay, time for bed!