Saturday, July 03, 2004

My new job!

Tonight I thought of an idea! I put two socks on my arms and pulled them all the way up to my shoulders, and then I put on my cowboy hat (I wanted to wear a police hat but I don't have one), and I ran around the house! People did not understand at first that I was on the H.U.G. S.Q.U.A.D. and that my mission was To Give Hugs Where Hugs Are Needed Most. So then I wrote up a Mission Statement (Téodor told me I should do this) and I passed it around the house. I am also going to post them in the neighborhood.

H.U.G. S.Q.U.A.D.

When in the course of events it arises that hugs are needed, the H.U.G. S.Q.U.A.D. is an elite group of Master Huggers who will spring into action. For information on joining the H.U.G. S.Q.U.A.D., please contact Philippe, MH.