Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Good morning!

It is such a nice morning already! All of the garbageman stuff is out in the street, all perfect, and I am so excited for when the garbagemen come to take it all away! There are the nice blue bins for glass, the green ones for newspapers, the gray ones for plastic, the regular trash cans for garbage and big green cans for yard waste! I really like watching the different garbage trucks come by for the different kinds of stuff. My favorite is the Recycling guy who comes by to take the glass/cans/cardboard. He jumps out of the truck with his bright green vest on and he seems like a good man who puts his best foot forward. Even though there were three bins of glass bottles this week, he did not get frowny or make a scene. He shook his head a little, to get the sweat off, but that is it. He seems like a very good person.