Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Things are great! Hi!

Things are great! The rich guy with the butt went away (the guy from next door, read last time), and it's gonna be fall soon! There are so many fun parts about fall. Malt-O-Meal with the special syrup that goes in a spiral on top...a hot mug of coco...and Flopsy goes away! Flopsy is a guy who you think is a lady, since his hair is all shaved off everywhere except where he has regular guy hair on his head! He wears sunglasses and a tiny cap and jogs really slow all day with his arms all floppy at his sides (he goes one way past the window in the morning and then comes back the other way at like two o'clock!). I watch him jog by each morning, and I am glad when he goes away the other direction in the afternoon. You should jog like you have bones in your arms! And you should not be shaved all over if you are a boy. That seems like a sin.

Sorry to get so steamed. I guess I don't like guys with shaved bodies. Maybe I am turning Republican.

Wait! Téodor says he thinks Flopsy is training for a Triathlon, or maybe even the Olympics! Oh boy! I am so proud of Flopsy. Many boys do not follow their dreams! He really has determination! I love Flopsy. I wish I could have his autograph. Maybe I'll put some paper and a pen on the sidewalk before the next time he jogs by. I wonder if he would want to talk to me?

I guess I'm a Democrat after all! (Shaved guys OK)

Philippe and I wish Flopsy was my friend.