Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I had a birthday!

It was my birthday! I got lots of nice presents. Téodor gave me a big map of a cow that shows the cooking areas of the cow, and Roast Beef got me a wind-up plane that has a rubber band engine! Don't tell him but it isn't very good. It always goes crazy directions and crashes, even when I use a ruler to get everything straight. Please don't tell him. I know how he likes perfect stuff.

Molly got me a FiberPower Lil' Knitter Kit! She says that most boys don't knit but that I am a special boy, so I can learn how. Knitting can actually be really useful! Molly said that when I learn to knit-1 pearl-2 (?) I can start making hats and she said I can even make a brown potato out of knitting! (The potato was my idea.) Then we had cake and we almost had ice cream but Téodor forgot to put his ice cream mixer part in the freezer over night so we pretended to run around in the back yard. Guess what! I won!