Wednesday, June 28, 2006

FUN PARTY! Everyone's invited!

Who wants to come to my FUN PARTY!

Who wants to be at my FUN PARTY?

My idea was that it is summertime now, but no one has even played in the sprinklers once! So we are going to have a sprinkler area on the lawn, and I will clean up the poo nuggets from Olive the dog, and after that I will set out all the snacks! For snacks we will have Fake Salad (a head of iceberg lettuce in a big bowl of ranch dressing! You peel off a leaf and dip it into the dressing! It is a casual salad! I invented it!), "Spider Tempters" (gummy flies :( ), and Captain Philippe's sliced hot dogs on toothpicks. For drinks there will be big bowls of water, and you have to drink from them like a dog! For dessert I will see if I can get someone to bring dessert.

I'm not sure if I'll have music. I want people to be able to hear each other.

Later, I will tell you how much fun we had at my FUN PARTY!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Where is the communism poster?!

Téodor took down his communism poster and put up a big sad poster about a funeral that they had for some people who died in an arcade fire. It made me think a lot. Arcades are supposed to be fun places, and I was supposed to get to go to one pretty soon, but maybe now I don't want to. It seems like with all those video game machines using all that electricity, things could get pretty bad pretty quickly. I think a lot of times at an arcade there is only one door, to keep bad kids from sneaking out back and smoking, and I guess this time too many kids tried to get out the front door at once and they all got stuck and they burned to death.

I thought about that a lot and about how lucky I was that I can stay safe at home where there are so many doors and no video games. I re-made sure I knew where all the doors were (2), and that kind of reminded me of a communism activity, but now that Téodor's poster is gone I don't really feel very communisty anymore. I think maybe I'll dress like a ghost and be the Arcade Fire Awareness Ghost. Hey, that's what I'll do! I'll actually do that! Téodor will probably help with the sheet, since he already knows about the problem. I will get him to dip the edges of the sheet in lemon juice and burn it a little bit with a candle (in the yard, always near an adult) so that it looks like it was in a fire. I will also try to think about a rhyme or a sentence I can say.