Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Franky is being grumpy.

Franky is getting testy, and grumpy. On Monday he was just plain crabby. I don't know what's gotten into him, but he is so grouchy lately! Maybe it's growing pains. His beak might hurt from hardening, or he could have a hidden disease in his eyes. It's hard being a dad. Especially when your kid can't say why he's cranky! Cranky old Franky. That's what I should call him.

Today when we were playing Eat-A-Worm (I put a cooked spaghetti noodle on the floor and wear a sailor's hat) he didn't eat the noodle at all, he just stamped on it with his little foot and hissed at me! Usually he eats the noodle for a while! How come he changed?

In other Cranky Franky news, he pecked a hole in Téodor's around-the-house moccasin, and Téodor got mad, but he blamed it on the rats he saw in the garage. I want to tell him the truth but I already know he is mad that Franky is so noisy in the morning.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Playin' with Franky!

We've had a fun couple of weeks together! Franky learned how to grow feathers, and we watch Cheers every day at 2pm (his favorite actor is Norm, because he squeaks every time Norm walks into the bar and all the people go, "Nooorm!"), and I feed him little pieces of ground beef with tweezers five times a day. Also we made a "farm area" which is an old litterbox with healthy corn grits in the bottom, and Tootsie Rolls that he likes to pick at. The Tootsie Rolls were Lyle's idea, because Franky needs sugar. It is hard to see but sometimes I know that Lyle knows best.

He still sleeps in the laundry room, but sometimes he decides to escape and he waddles down the hall looking for me. It is so cute! He waddles like a little baby bird and he looks so sure of himself. I hope he doesn't have a big ego.