Thursday, October 27, 2005

This is pretty bad. You might not want to read it.

Like I said last time, I sprayed a bunch of Philippe water onto some almonds and left them out for Franky's mom to eat. I thought that if the food smelled like me, she would have good thoughts of me.

But there is bad news. Franky's mom came down to eat the almonds, but when she did, the almond was too big for her throat and I guess it got stuck! I guess they don't chew? They don't chew! She got the almond stuck in her throat and she fell over and her wings were flapping all around like crazy! Franky was screaming and crying and she was flopping all over the place! I didn't know what to do so I yelled for Lyle and he saw what happened and he went outside and I can't say what he did but he said that birds can't burp and only one thing can happen once they start choking but if that is true how come they up-chuck for their babies and he said that is different that is a different system meant only for feeding their babies and he and then and Lyle got his smells on Franky and Franky is in a towel in the laundry room but he is okay but we but he but what if he but his mom and if I and Lyle said we would bury her but I don't want him to and all I can do is cry tonight! Today is so awful!