Saturday, June 18, 2005

I am tired of poems!

Boy, every time I sit down at the computer anymore I think I have to write a haiku! It makes it no fun to go to the computer. A computer should be a fun place to be! After all, think how much time people spent trying to make computers fun (hours). I wrote a poem about how I miss using the computer for fun.

- * -

Apple Macintosh
Windows Computer XP
Use them to have fun!

- * -

Okay, time for waffles! Mr. Bear is cooking me waffles today because he is up and he is super wonderful!

Thursday, June 09, 2005

I thought of another haiku!

Trees can't go dancing
So do them a big favor
Pretend dancing stinks!

Today Chris was cooking "full english fry up" for himself and said that I could have a small bit of each part of it! I liked: the egg white, the hash brown corner, the three beans, the griddled mushroom, the tip of bacon, and the edge of toast. I did not like: the end of black pudding. I kept it in my cheek until he went to check the computer, and then I spat it out for the dog. She licked all around and left no evidence. It tasted like eating a penny!

Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Oops! I guess I didn't write a haiku poem last time! Sorry everybody. Chris said it was more just a basic rhyme, and not a haiku. He said I should try again, though, since a haiku poem is a really good kind of a poem. 5-7-5. That is the secret to a perfect haiku.

Okay. Here is my haiku:

The fire engine
Went to a birthday party
For the ambulance