Thursday, May 26, 2005

I wrote another poem!

Hooray! Chris said I wrote an important kind of poem called a Haiku! A Haiku is 5-7-5, and this way of writing a poem makes listeners feel very good. I guess it is pretty rare to write a Haiku on accident, so maybe I am all-right at this! I'm sorry, I don't want to brag. I will just include my next poem, which I also hope is a Haiku. It is about what might happen on an exciting day in the back yard!

- * -

A Day In The Back Yard!

Read a book,
see a snake!
Run away,
from the snake!

See a bird?
Throw some bread!
Hit the bird?
He is dead!

Time for lunch!
Run inside.
Milky Ways
& su-i-cide!*

- * -

* a "Suicide" is when you can mix a lot of types of soda together, like Coke and Sunkist and Mountain Dew and Lemon Barrel Lemonade and root beer and Hawaiian Punch and Cherry Coke and 7up and Grape Fanta (or also Grape Sunkist) and Pepsi Tab Dr. Pepper Sierra Mist Squirt Sprite Diet SpriteHansensC2RCgingeralefresca [BUFFER FULL SESSION IS NOW READ-ONLY]

Thursday, May 19, 2005


Hooray! Chris said that he would give me fifty cents and a grape if I would write a poem today!

I was not sure what to write a poem about but after a little thinking I decided I would write a poem about fish.

Here is my poem!

- * -


The fish doesn't blink
He holds still in the water
He has health problems.

- * -

A lot of times it is easy to tell that a fish has health problems. If you agree to help fish with health problems, you can do a lot of good! From just community involvement to working with major companies to clean up coastlines, you can make a difference. Call the volunteers at PESCO-INTL today. Or look for them on-line.


Sunday, May 01, 2005

Bath Day!

Chris said it was Bath Day today! First they put the baby into the sink in her little softy-seat and they rinsed her real nice with warm water and real gentle shampoo. After that Chris got her dry-off towel out of the dryer so it was nice and toasty hot and they wrapped her up and went to put her jammies on! I got undressed next and sat in the nice warm softy-seat and waited my turn. They took a long time getting the baby ready and the water started to cool off so I turned the hot water faucet on just a little bit to keep me warm. I sang some songs and I was in a good mood.

After another long time they still did not come in and pretty soon I heard some snoring from the other room, plus the squeaks the baby makes when she sleeps. They had all gone to bed!

I have never felt so dumb. I was super ashamed that I thought I was going to get a bath too. I crawled quietly out of the sink so that no one would realize what I did, only I fell really hard onto the floor (because of soap slipperiness) and my shoulder is sore now. Fortunately nobody heard me and I went and dried off with the only thing I could find, which was a kitchen towel that smelled like onions and peanut butter (in different places).

Today was not a good day for me. I should act my age. I am extremely ashamed of what I thought.