Sunday, December 19, 2004

More about the new neighbors! (Warning: may be shocking)

There are some pretty weird people next door! I saw that one of the ladies had tattoos completely all over her whole back. If you get tattoos over such a big area then that is pretty bad, because you can't hide something like that from your parents and they will find out. Plus her hair was dyed bright red and if your parents see that they are pretty sure to get mad at you and start asking if you have done any other funny things to your body. Then they would see the tattoos and you would be in pretty bad trouble. I guess this girl's parents had passed away already.

Anyhow, I just woke up and they are still having a big Saturday night party next door. I think I heard Téodor's voice over there. Maybe he was trying to get them to be quiet.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

I am not sure if I like the new neighbors.

Last night the new neighbors had a big party and all kinds of people came and parked on the lawn and up and down the street. I could smell the smoke of the drugs that Lyle uses, and there was loud music until super early in the morning. Most of the women wore really small shiny swimsuit tops, and some of the pony-tail guys had more of those big video cameras like I saw yesterday. Maybe they were having a diving contest, I heard a lot of splashing in the pool and cheering. I heard Chris talking to Téodor about "convertible Mustangs," which I guess is the kind of car most of the people at the party had. That's weird, maybe they are all members of a car club. Oh well, time for bed. Most of the people next door are still asleep!

Saturday, December 11, 2004

The new neighbors are kind of weird!

We had lots of new people move in next door today, about maybe six total. I watched them through the window. All of the women are kind of big in the body, but all of the men are really super skinny. It's like Jack Sprat! They have all kinds of stickers about bands on their cars. Earlier today one of them had a big video camera out and he was going to take a video of me but I closed the door really quick. I don't like them. A lot of the guys have pony tails, and they always wear sunglasses, even though it is December.

Saturday, December 04, 2004

More Christmas List Ideas!

1. A parachute man! One of those little men who has a cello fane parachute and you throw him up in the air and he glides down. That would be so fun.

2. A model boat. I think I am finally old enough to try to build one. I would like an army ship, with turrets and decals and the whole works! I promise to be careful with the x-acto knife, Jesus.

3. The Lil' Oinker Pork Products set of gift food! This is a food basket that has all kinds of cheeses and pork! There is a pork summer sausage, two kinds of bacon, two small hams packed in metal, spiced sausages, smoked "luau" pork, and a little plastic snout with an elastic string so you can wear it!

Okay, time for bed!

Friday, December 03, 2004

I am sorry that I did not blog!

I'm sorry! I have been so busy, plus I forgot my password (otterbUtter) so I could not log in.

My life has been pretty good. Poor Mr. Bear got hurt and had to go to the hospital, but we supported him a lot and pretty soon he was able to come home again. This accident made it even more clear that we should not have guns. Only the police and army men should have guns, but even then they should almost never use them.

Téodor made his special meat sauce spaghetti tonight! It tasted great, and I am going to bed!