Friday, September 02, 2016

Pony Coldadas

Hello! How are you! Did you know that I love you? I'm not afraid to say it!

Agree with me that you are wonderful!

(Did you agree? If not, please start this blog over.)

My favorite thing today is that I got to eat BBQ Chinese Pork! My second-favorite thing is that I got to see a pregnant lady and think about what an amazing thing a baby really is! (If they are not screaming in a stroller that's parked outside your bedroom window while they change a diaper and you are trying to sleep after nightmares about bugs).

Ok, so here is today's story from me. I was in the kitchen, and Téodor was making a fancy grown-up drink with a blender. He said it was called a pee-nyah cold-ada (spelling mistakes?), and that it had grown-up alcohol in it, but he let me taste a tiny bit on a spoon anyway. (I was pretty pushy, since I don't think it's cool to keep me out of stuff any more.) It was coco-nutty dee-licious! I decided immediately that I would invent a kid version with no alcohol as soon as I stopped being dizzy and losing my train of thoughts. Here is my result!

de -=P h i l i p p e=-

Coconut ice cream
Pineapple Jarritos (Mexican soda pop)
Circus peanut decoration

I don't like to use a blender to make this because blenders are terrifying. So, I just go watch an episode of Brain Games while it all melts together, then I make it fancy with a circus peanut on top. You can make a little performance of rubbing the rim of the glass with the circus peanut and then "squeezing" it before dropping it into the drink — I saw Téodor do this with a lime on his adult one and it totally seemed like something a super-fancy restaurant would do!

I call it a Pony Coldada because a pony is a baby horse, and this is a drink that is safe for a baby! Although probably not the baby that always screams me awake in the morning. I don't want to say anything bad, but I hope that baby goes to live in a neighborhood with no houses, just long sidewalks through big wide fields where it can scream until forever and a day.

How are you? Was your summer good? Mine was!