Friday, October 25, 2013

Halloween is just about here!

Well, no one could be more excited than me about Halloween, and that is a fact! I don't know how you prove facts, but Lie Bot said that a fact is the difference between Wikipedia and Google. If you know what that means, maybe that is helpful.

Anyway! I haven't been up to too too much. Just getting ready for Halloween! I am going to be a vampire this year. Téodor said it wasn't "very original" to be a vampire, but who cares? How come a Halloween costume has to be original? Is anything even original any more? A lot of kids have dressed up a lot of times, and probably have tried everything. (Including a horse with a teapot for a head - I just thought of that.)

(I also just had the idea of a robot with tank tread arms.)

My costume is all figured out. I'm going to get plastic chomper teeth (just the plain normal kind, not pointy ones...I guess our town made those illegal because somebody got sued?), and instead of a cape (a strangling danger) I'll just wear a white collared shirt (Dracula always wears a white shirt). I can't get my hair to slick back like his because of the direction it grows, so I'll just comb it nicely, with a part. I wasn't really sure what kind of pants Dracula wears...they never show him getting dressed and choosing his pants in the movie, like with one long bony finger pulling them off of his I will wear some nice blue dress pants my mom sent me. There you go: Dracula! Mwah! Ha! Ha! Your blood is curdled!

Uh oh. I feel a number one coming on, and the way things have been going lately, I'm not taking any chances. Bye! Love you a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck!