Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas list!

Hi everybody! It's Christmas! I already made out my Santa list, and I hope you did too. Here's what I want! I hope it doesn't seem like too much. One of my Thanksgiving wishes was that I would not become a greedy guy.

1. A big green block of flower-arranging foam. Chris's mom brought some of this over on accident, and I loved it! It's a green crumbly brick that you can stick stuff into, and they used to use it in flower arrangements. I want to scrape at it with a spoon and make a nice hillside, with paths and maybe a small windey road. I could use tiny dots of toothpaste as sheep, and glue down rows of dark green yarn as crops!

2. Asparagus dinner. Asparagus makes your pee smell really funny, and I think it would be great if I ate a bunch of asparagus and used the bathroom right before everybody else had to use it (like after a movie). They would get miffed!

(This would not be too mean of a joke because the smell goes away pretty fast and nobody gets dirty.)

3. Nachos. I actually want nachos pretty bad, for some reason! I want them with melty restaurant cheese that stays melted, and not the store cheese that is only melty for like ten seconds. I also want them with perfect little chunks of tomato, and black olives, and a "dollop" (?) of sour cream in the middle on the top.

4. A hat with a pom-pom on top. I got to see an old-fashioned TV show called The Monkees yesterday morning before everyone woke up, and the main guy had a pom-pom hat! He was the coolest person I have ever seen!

I better stop the list here, so it doesn't look like I have the sin of greed. I don't really even think I'll get most of this stuff, but it's cool to dream! I love you!

_ _
_- P I I P E -_
h L P !