Friday, May 30, 2008

I am Learning about Hobos.

I found a web site about hobos! These are little old guys with too long of old brown shoes, who jump on trains and "ride the rails." They are kind of like on a long camping trip, only they can never stop camping, or they will be homeless. They also have their own hobo way of doing stuff. They even have a hobo language! Here are some hobo words that I copied from the web site:

Frenchy: a French hobo
birds: chickens or flying birds
rake-rack tavern: a garden shed
biscuit shooter: a man so crazy that he shoots his own breakfast
finger makin's: any activity done with the fingers

I would like to be a hobo some day, but it looks like they can be kind of dangerous sometimes. Lots of people write that true hobos will only stick their middle finger up during really, really bad times, when they are "in a corner" and can't help it, but some also say that a few hobos can fly "off the handle" and stick their middle finger up even when just meeting you. I would need to learn karate, in case of a hobo like that.