Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A guy with a butt is next door!

It is nasty! The human man who is in his back yard next door is kinda plump, and older, and he is sitting at a picnic table thinking. He has jeans on like a lady wears (I think he's kind of rich) and you can see the top two edges of his butt! The crack of his butt is really wide, like wide enough to put a small red potato in, or a harmonica. Will my butt be like that when I am older? Maybe it's not actually the crack of his butt, but just some unlucky back muscles or extra plumpness that didn't fit in the pants all the way, and his fancy pants are making an extra butt. I don't think that the new kind of pants is such a good idea, for anyone.

Oh, I shouldn't talk about this. It's probably a sin. I'll ask Mr. Bear which one, he knows the Bible pretty good.