Monday, June 18, 2007

I was wrong about celebrities!

Boy howdy! Last time I did a blog I said all kinds of stuff about how celebrities should be stopped, and about how they get koo-koo on beer, but now I have a different opinion!

My good friend Téodor watched some TV celebrity news with me and he said that everybody has the same problems as celebrities, only celebrities get focused on. Whoops! Sorry, celebrities. I was pretty bad to you, and if you want to, maybe we can play some make-up horseshoes together. I will dress nice in case anyone focuses on us.

Also, it is good that Roast Beef is getting married to Molly! She is the nicest person and if she was related to me I would wish that she was my aunt. When ever I go over there she always asks if she can make me a grilled cheese. I am usually too polite to say yes but when I cave in she always makes a perfect crispy one! Roast Beef is very lucky.

He is lucky!