Monday, May 07, 2007

Door to Door Pretzel Man!

A pretzel guy came to the door! He was so nice. He was from Germany, but he didn't have a mustache and fat little boots. He was just a regular skinny young guy with a cap on and sneakers! His big soft pretzels were delicious, and he had a great "can-do attitude." Chris bought a bunch for everyone in the house because he was happy that he wasn't coughing for once (Chris has a pretty bad cold, and he keeps yelling at the dog for eating what comes out of his lungs onto the deck). Yum!

Do you believe what celebrities are getting away with these days? They drive a car when they are koo-koo on beer, they lie to a judge, they even fly too much and pollute! Who's gonna put an end to this? It's time to band together and stop celebrities! Please call a radio show of your choice and say the same thing, street team!