Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I got a buck!

There was a buck sitting by the door today! The front door, by the driveway. Somebody lost a buck! Chris said that he lost it, but that I could keep it, because it "didn't amount to #### in the scheme of things." Is that guy always having a bad time?! I know he moans out grouses when the bills are due (and they are always due it seems!) but come on! Can't the guy be happy for a kid who found a dollar? A dollar's a big deal for a kid! I thought he woulda got me an ice cream cone at least, or said I could put the dollar towards an ice cream cone the next time he went into town. Too bad I've got a buck and I can't use it 'cause Chris is feelin' like a jerk! Sorry Chris, but God says that we should be honest. This is my honesty to you.