Thursday, September 07, 2006

It was Chinese food night today!

Lyle and Mr. Bear and Téodor were happy tonight and they bought Chinese food for the whole house! They spared no expense! It was so great. Even Roast Beef came over. There were pot stickers, and won ton soup, and delicious slant-cut vegetables, but best of all was the chow main! Chow main is a long soft noodle with soy sauce on it, and sprouts. How dang good can food taste, you think, when eating chow main! Chinese noodles have way more flavor than Italian noodles and without dang red sauce! Who here has been there when Italian noodle sauce messed up their shirt and got on the floor?! I'm with you! So is Roast Beef, I am pretty sure.

Chinese Noodles: yes.
Italian Noodles:
take a hike, Italian noodles.

Roast Beef pointed out that Chinese people are Communists, so maybe Communism should get a second thought after all! He also said that the only other Communist countries besides China are Laos, North Korea, Vietnam, and Cuba. I bet these countries have good food too but I am not going to say so...yet.