Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Car crash sin.

Today I was looking out the front window at the cars driving by, and I guess I was kind of bored, because I wished that some of the cars would crash into each other and cause a bad accident. I immediately knew that it was a sin to want strangers to get hurt, so I punished myself by saying "Hail Mary" thirty-seven times (I counted in between each Hail Mary, so I could keep my place). What is the matter with me? How come I wanted to see a bad car crash? Maybe I don't get enough excitement in my life? I guess I will try to sin less for the rest of the week, and figure out my problems. I sure hope I don't have to get therapy. I heard that therapy is over a hundred dollars!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I need to join a movie-voting website!

I just saw the greatest movie! If you don't know, it's called THE INCREDIBLES. It's about a family where EVERYBODY is superheroes, even the baby! I forget what the baby does, I think it can start fires or something. Wow, maybe that sounds bad when I write about it, but in the movie it is pretty cool and the baby is responsible.

I'm going to work on my superhero powers today. I don't think I got any when I was born, so I have to create my own, like Syndrome. I already have some ideas, and I practiced crushing a tuna can with my foot. I got it a little bit bent, but I think I need to make Crusher Shoes! I had an idea that I could tape a spike to the back of my shoe like a cowboy spurs! Where do you get just a plain spike?!