Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Well, what can I tell you!

I tried to be a good communist for almost two months but it didn't catch on with anyone. Every time Lyle would leave the toilet paper roll empty I would replace it, but I would write "TRY COMMUNISM SOMETIME" on the empty roll and leave it on the couch where he sits, and you would think he would get the message but he didn't.

When Téodor left dirty pans on the stove I put pieces of paper that said "WHAT ABOUT COMMUNISM? COME ON, TÉODOR!" under his door. No luck. He never said anything about it!

Even Mr. Bear did not care about communism. He was snoring in his room, and it was keeping people awake, so the next morning I told him that snoring was not the communist way and he just said "really, now!" and walked into the other room and read an entire book for six hours!

I am not sure communism is going to work at this house. Everyone here is pretty set in their ways, and maybe I have to do communism privately. Maybe I will have a special "Communism Sunday" in the back yard and everyone will bring treats, like a potluck. We could have scrambled eggs, and pancakes, and strawberry slices in sugar syrup. I could say a little bit about communism during the toast, but not so much that anybody caught on. Maybe banana lengths could be sliced and placed on the pancakes to look like hammer and sickles. They're already kind of curved. I will let you know. I'm a communist, you better believe it!