Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Franky attacked Lyle!

Franky moved full-time into a nest he made on the telephone pole that is above the yard, and he stopped visiting. It was hard to get used to, and in private I cried when I remembered the fun times we had when he was a baby and I could take care of him and have him sit on my lap during Cheers. I set out a little plate of ground beef grinds and cooked spaghetti noodles, his favorite meal, but he did not touch it and it turned hard in the sun. When I took the plate away he turned his head and did not look at me.

This afternoon Lyle was taking a nap on the lawn and Franky flew down and attacked him! Lyle doesn't wake up very easy during his afternoon lawn naps and Franky really got him good. I hate violence but I can understand why Franky was mad at Lyle. I bet they never are friends.

Lyle had to go to the hospital to make sure his eyeball was OK, and he had to get some shots because someone said that Franky might have the flu. Boy, if I could fight like that when *I* had the flu, I'd be one tough fella! In a way, I am proud of Franky. He only knows a couple of things, and he did what he thought was right. He used bird justice, because he is a bird, and Lyle hurt his mom. I guess he is healthy in that way, even if he might have flu. I am proud that my son believes in justice. He is a good boy, but he has had a hard life.

I will leave some more ground beef on a leaf under his nest. I won't even look at him. The next morning, if it's gone, he can pretend that someone else ate it, and not act like he took help from me. I won't even check.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

What did I do to Franky?

Sigh...Cranky Franky went from being grouchy to just plain mean. In the last couple weeks he started sleeping on a big car-wash sponge on a high shelf in the laundry room (he can fly a little bit now) and during the day when we go outside for our walk he flaps as hard as he can and sits on the edge of the rain gutter. He looks everywhere but at me, like he is mad at me. It makes me so sad that he used to be my little baby bird and I would take care of him all day and night and sing Rainbow Connection but now he doesn't even want me around. Maybe I did a bad job? I don't know how to be a dad! Plus maybe he thinks of me when he remembers the awful thing that Lyle did to his mom! I feel horrible. I feel like I have a little hammer sitting in my guts.