Thursday, September 29, 2005

My son Franky.

Franky is doing good this week. His mom feeds him little up-chucks [no other way to say it! :) ] from her mouth and he is wonderful. His feathers are coming in real light and gray, and he looks like a wonderful old camping sock. He is kind of my son!

I can't play with him right now but I did leave a piece of turkey pastrami out in the yard yesterday, since I figure a bird can eat turkey, it won't be bad. His mom ate the pastrami, and then did little up-chucks into his mouth. I am taking care of Franky!

Phew! ,

Thursday, September 22, 2005

A baby bird! Hooray!

A baby bird! Hooray!

Oh, I guess I should explain. There is a new baby bird in a nest outside of the living room window, and Lyle said that I could have it! He said it was very important that I did not get my smells on it though, because if the mama bird thinks the baby bird has smells outside of the family on it, she will...well, I don't want to think about that again. Anyhow, I have a baby bird, but I can't play with it, so I will just think good thoughts about it and name it Franky.

I kind of have a son named Franky!

Friday, September 09, 2005

Aquarium visit. Sort of.

Téodor said that Pat had a really fancy aquarium with all kinds of rare fish in it, even some blue ones that glowed in the dark, and he said I probably could go visit it! I said Yes Please! and he called Pat. Pat got kind of mad (I guess he was busy) but he agreed we could come over after Téodor filled out some insurance forms. Hooray!

When we got to Pat's house he had a fancy red suit jacket on and a black tie and a white captain's cap! He was extremely strict so I got on my best behavior and made sure that I held Téodor's hand the whole time. One by one he showed us his different kinds of fish, and they had some funny names! They had names like Glopogorpus Biggaligaboo (?) and I was almost laughing as he said them! I could tell I was not supposed to laugh while in Pat's house though so I held it in.

After a pretty long time of Pat naming all the fish in the tank, Téodor seemed kind of bored and I was too. Téodor elbowed me softly in the ribs, to get my attention, and then asked Pat what the "Latin" term for the bubbling treasure chest was. Pat thought for a second but then got extremely mad and said that we both had to leave! He actually crossed his arms and butted us out of the house! It felt kind of bad to get touched by Pat, like a statue was mad at you and came to life, and it was scary. When we left I was glad.